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From: Dennis Banneker
Subject: Eyes for my Hot Little Brother - Chapter 4__________________________________________Eyes for my Hot Little Brother - Chapter 4
by Dennis Banneker
June 19, 2006
__________________________________________WARNING! To qualify to read this story, you must be of legal age
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Eyes for my Hot Little Brother
by Dennis Banneker
StoriesNewYahoo.comBrian, Gainsworth, 17
Greg, Gainsworth, 15Jeremy Hunter, 16, a friend
Peter Hunter, 15, a friend
“I get to lick it,” I said. “Nope,” Jeremy replied. “I get to undress you guys first,”
the sexy basketball player said, making his cock jump. I glanced at Greg. His shorts tented as bad as mine. This was incredible, My brother and I were kneeling in front
of one of the hottest guys at our school–and we were about to
take Lolita Hussyfan Sites off his shorts. He would be naked soon. I felt a big throb
in my dick. “Fuck,” I whispered, openly admiring the boy’s bulging hardon. I looked down at myself and saw a wet spot.
It was obvious when I whispered ‘Fuck,’ that I complimented
Jeremy’s dick. I blushed over that. Now his dick bounced and it caught my eye. Greg and I still
hadn’t pulled his shorts down, and I wanted to see what he had. “So you like my cock,” Jeremy said, his voice thick now, his
eyes fixed on his bulge. “Oh, y-yeah,” I said, embarrassed that I’d admitted it to him
–even though it was just a tent and not his dick in he flesh. I
was zoned out, looking at the muscles in Jeremy’s legs. Man,
those were good strong-looking legs! Basketball does that to a
guy, and Jeremy took it very seriously. I looked up into his face, it had that look. The look of sex
–of a horny boy. He was younger then me, but looking at him, *I*
felt like the boy. He was more the man. His reddish-brown hair
and powder blue eyes had me stunned. After a minute, I was Lolita Hussyfan Sites glad he knew now that I liked his dick.
I wouldn’t have to pretend to hesitate about doing something with
Jeremy. It relaxed me. By the look on his face, I think it
relaxed him, too. And that made me more horny. My heart pounded. I got this
feeling in my dick and my mouth, like I couldn’t wait to have
Jeremy’s dick in my mouth. I thought I only wanted Greg’s dick
that way. Now, I could almost feel this athlete’s cock in my
mouth, on my tongue. I didn’t know why I wanted that, but I
didn’t care. “Okay, I’m ready,” Greg said, making me jump in surprise.
What was he ready for? Then I looked. Greg was standing. ‘Oh,
yeah,’ I thought, Jeremy wants to undress us now. It looked like Jeremy had a good time undressing Greg. When
he got Greg naked, he slid his finger on Greg’s boner, making him
squeal–and his dick jumped, too. So did mine. I got so horny
seeing that. I could see Jeremy liked Greg’s dick–it IS
beautiful. Then I thought if he liked it, he’d want to suck Greg. But how could I tell Jeremy not to suck Greg? Jeremy turned to me. It was time for him to undress me. He
gave me his warm smile that actually made me shiver. I went to
another universe, staring at the tent in his shorts, knowing there
was a big, real-live cock making that tent. “You’re hot, man,” Jeremy said when he got my shirt off. “Thanks.” My hands shook. I never felt so turned on getting naked. This star athlete
undressed me, and his strong fingers sliding on my body had me
shaking. Lolita Hussyfan Sites
Already I was desperate to come. “Relax, Brian. I like your dick,” he said touching the tent
in my shorts. Greg’s too. You guys are both hot.” That was a
thrill, having this stud-athlete tell me he liked my cock. I was barefoot, so Jeremy didn’t have shoes or socks to take
off me, so my shorts were next. “Mmm, like, I don’t have underwear on. Sorry.” “That’s cool. I’ll go extra slow pulling these down,” he
said, grabbing my shorts by the legs. Lolita Hussyfan Sites It was torture, Jeremy went so slow. The waistband caught my
dick, but it felt good sliding down my cock, which popped up real
proud when he slid my shorts to my knees. “Damn, that’s a beauty,” Jeremy said as I stepped out of my
shorts. Finally, I was naked. “Um, thanks, man.” Jeremy reached over. I thought he was going to grab my dick,
but he put his hand under my sac, and the sudden warmth on my
balls made me bend over, it felt so good. “Ooo, I like a sensitive guy. That’s hot.” “YOU’RE hot,” I said bravely. “Brian,” Greg said from his bed, lying down and watching us,
“I want it now.” He squeezed his dick. I knew what Greg meant. It was our agreement–I’d suck him
whenever he wanted. “What? NOW? Come on Greg, it’s time for us to get him
naked!” I said, taking another look at Jeremy’s face and tent. “Hey,” Jeremy said, grinning, “what’s this about?” Greg gave me a stare like, ‘You better tell him the truth.’
Now I was blushing like mad. I took a deep breath and turned to
face Jeremy. “I promised Greg I’d . . . suck his dick any time he wanted.” “That’s hot!” he said, his face lighting up. He reached down
and squeezed his tent a long time. “Um, geez, that’s cool–I mean, glad you don’t think it’s
weird or anything.” “No, it’s sexy, Brian.” “I KNEW he’d like it,” Greg said, all smiles. “Well,” Jeremy said, “if you promised him, go ahead.” “You gotta be kiddin!” I was saying that, but I was walking
over to Greg’s bed. “No–not kidding,” Jeremy said in a voice I never expected. He had a warmth just then that made me feel good about what I
was doing–what Greg and I had going. But I was still mad that
Greg picked this time to ask me to blow him–just when I was ready
to get Jeremy naked and get his dick in my mouth! But I couldn’t be mad. I found myself laughing as I looked at
Greg and his hard dick. “Greg, you little fucker,” I said, not able to stop giggling
at him. He held his dick straight up. Jeremy’s hand on my ass was all the encouragement I needed. “Are you gonna do it?” Greg said, letting go of his bone. Lolita Hussyfan Sites “Yeah, why do you think I walked over here?” I sat down on
his bed and leaned over to get Lolita Hussyfan Sites my mouth on his dick. “Wait,” Jeremy said with a cute smile. “Finger his balls,
first.” “Huh? Oh, Lolita Hussyfan Sites okay.” I hadn’t played much with Greg’s balls, so
this would be fun. I ran my finger up from under his balls to the
base of his cock. It jumped up really strong. “Wow, that’s fun.” “Yeah,” Jeremy said, “Try it again.” I did, and it worked the same way. “That’s so cool.” “Now try it with your mouth there,” Jeremy said, grinning and
staring at Greg’s dick. “When it jumps up, grab it with your
mouth, and you won’t have to use your hands.” I could picture it. I knew it would work. On the first try,
I had my brother’s boner in my mouth. I stroked it with my lips
as slow as I could. I gave Greg about ten seconds of this,
glanced at his cute face and turned to Jeremy. “Oh, fuck,” Jeremy said softly, grabbing his tent and stroking
himself, “that’s the hottest, man.” He had a wet spot now. I stood up and wrapped my arms around Jeremy, my lips ending
up on his neck. I didn’t even think. Our bones pressed into each
other. I felt the heat in my face, thinking, ‘What if he doesn’t
like this?’ “Sweet,” Jeremy said, hugging back. “I . . . I don’t know what came over me.” “Shit, Brian. I loved it.” I had a feeling those words just slipped out of Jeremy’s
mouth. A real strong feeling, especially now that he blushed. But Jeremy’s blush was sexual magic to me. All of a sudden I
was hypnotized, looking into his face. Our eyes locked. I slid my hands to Jeremy’s shoulders,
pulling him closer. The throb in my body was fantastic when I put
my lips on his. Heat poured out from both of us. I felt myself sweating.
When he grabbed me real tight, Lolita Hussyfan Sites I knew it was okay, and I thought
I’d come right then. We moaned and squirmed as we kissed harder. “Oh, God!” Greg shouted, making me and Jeremy pull away from
each other. “That was SO hot!” Greg was jerking off. “Don’t you DARE jerk off! Now it’s MY turn. I want it.”
Then I turned to Jeremy. “HE made the same promise.” “Oh, I see,” Jeremy said with this really cool grin on his
face, “brother sex goes both ways, huh? Okay, Greg. I wanna see
you do this for your brother.” I never expected Greg to slide out Lolita Hussyfan Sites of bed and Lolita Hussyfan Sites
go to his knees.
He didn’t pause a second getting his lips over my cock. He sucked
me a long time. We heard Jeremy’s moans of approval. I had to
stop him. I was getting too close. Lolita Hussyfan Sites
But I loved him on his knees. When we heard Jeremy’s hard breathing, we both looked at him. “I can’t wait, man,” he said. Instantly, Lolita Hussyfan Sites I got to my knees and Greg and I were on either
side of the horny athlete. We pulled his shorts right off. “Oh, God!” I yelled. Jeremy’s cock was huge. I don’t know how big, but way bigger than I thought. I looked
and saw my hands holding the base of his dick. I didn’t remember
putting them there. But I was very aware of sliding Jeremy’s big dick into my
mouth. “OHH!” he shouted, bending over so far, I backed away to avoid
getting my head crushed. “God, you’re big!” Greg said, looking like he was in a trance. “He’s HUGE!” I said, correcting my brother. “Shit, I’ve never been so horny. Brian . . . your mouth!”
Jeremy said, standing up now. “MY turn,” Greg shouted, grabbing the stud’s legs. I still
couldn’t get over the size of Jeremy’s dick. “Um, yeah, Greg. Just give me a few. Your brother got me
close, man–okay?” Jeremy said, ruffling Greg’s hair. “Okay,” Greg said, grinning and giggling. “Let me try yours out,” Jeremy said to me. I just nodded and stood up as Jeremy went to his knees. His
mouth felt hot on my cock. When he kept sliding on it, all my
fuses blew. “Oh! Oh, man! AH! Stop!” I said. “Too close?” Jeremy said, smiling up at me. “Yeah.” “Now me!” Greg shouted, yanking me away from the boy-god. “Okay, I’m ready for ya,” Jeremy said. “Just a few secs.” As Greg sucked and Jeremy moaned, I took a peek behind, and
admired Jeremy’s butt. Man, that turned me on, too–a tight,
well-rounded ass like for a marble statue. I put my hand over it,
afraid to make actual contact. Only an athlete had a butt like
that. “You can touch it,” Jeremy said, as if he had eyes in the back
of his head. “Damn, you’re hot!” I said. I touched it real good! “Greg, stop. That felt awesome, but I don’t wanna come yet.” “Cool!” Greg said with his silly, embarrassed grin, staying on
his knees and playing with the Jeremy’s balls. I was busy playing with his butt, excited that I was making
him wiggle. At that moment, Greg poked his head around Jeremy’s legs and
put his face up to mine. The look in my brother’s eyes melted me,
and I kissed him. Greg was kissing me back. “Oh, man!” Jeremy said, watching us. “This is too much!” We all ended up on Greg’s bed in a rough circle, facing each
other. I wondered what he meant. “Too much?” I said to Jeremy, both Greg and I staring at him. “Yeah,” he said, his face lively but serious. “With me and
Pete, it’s just sex. But you guys love each other. Feels so good
to BE with you. I mean, it’s like, wow!” “Oh, man,” Greg said, speechless. “Feels good to hear you say that, Jeremy.” “Have you told each other–I mean, said ‘I love you?’” “Yeah,” Greg and I said. Then it just happened. “I love you, Bri,” Greg said, blushing. “Love you so much, little bro.” “Man! I shouldn’t BE here,” Jeremy said, blushing. “WHAT? We want you here!” I said. “You guys are like a real couple. You want me to suck you
off?” he said. “Yeah,” Greg said, his face red. He wasn’t expecting that. “Wait,” I said, staring Lolita Hussyfan Sites at Greg. “Bro–what I said before,
you know, about no one else sucking you–I’m not sure that’s fair
now. I mean with Jeremy here and–” “Oh–well,” Greg said, blushing, “it’s up to you, Brian.” “No way. I think it should be up to YOU.” Greg looked to Jeremy, as if to get his view. “Hey,” Jeremy said, “I don’t mess with brother stuff.” Greg looked frozen. My brother was the important one, and I
didn’t want to do anything to hurt him. “Greg,” I said, “would you be mad if Jeremy and I took turns
sucking you?” “No,” he said, with another big blush. “Okay, then.” “Hey, Greg?” Jeremy said, “If it feels bad to you when I suck
you, you can tell me to stop, okay?” “Okay.” Greg had a smile on his face, so I knew he was okay
with this. “Well,” the 16-year-old basketball player said, “there’s
another way to do this.” “What?” “Do you wanna fuck me?” Jeremy said. “You’re kidding!”Dennis B.
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Any comments would be great!I’d feel so much better hearing from you and knowing you’re out
there. If you’re not sure what to say, tell me what you liked.
Or whatever. :-) –DennisThat’s all I wrote so far. Thanks for reading.
Hope you liked it.
Even one email would put a smile on my face and make it a lot
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